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Watch Service: Tag Heuer Professional Quartz. Cal ETA 955.112.

I pretty much service the majority of watches, including quartz – some watchmakers just won’t won’t work on them. David sent me His Tag Heuer Professional as it wasn’t working with a new battery and its been over 10 years since it was last serviced.

Explained: Whats involved in a watch service and should I have it done?

I often get asked what is it I actually do when I service a watch, what’s involved and is it really necessary? My entire website is full of different watches being serviced and I wanted to make it clearer exactly what steps each watch goes through in the process of its service whilst with me.

Watch Service: Omega Constellation. Cal 564

Another vintage Omega for service, this time the Omega Constellation housing the 564 calibre. I previously featured on the blog a calibre 565, its physically identical to this movement, with the only difference being the 564 here is a chronometer grade movement.

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