Watch Service: Omega Railmaster. Cal 2201.

Omega railmaster

This Railmaster is a rather more unusual Omega, I don’t see many of these across my bench. It has the Omega 2201 calibre inside – a large pocket watch movement, similar to the likes of the ETA 6497 used in Panerai – but a lot nicer looking in my opinion. Its a simple manual wind movement and a pleasure to work on, but it is large… very large!

It actually has a display case back to show off its movement, but here it is with the case back removed, prior to removing the movement from the case – beautiful. The movement is finished with cotes Cotes de Geneve – the striped finish on the bridges.

Omega railmaster service

Dial and hands removed, not very much to remove this side – just the motion and keyless works. This model has no date complication.

Omega railmaster service

Another shot of the movement before I begin disassembly.

Omega 2201 service

Firstly I let the power down and remove the crown and ratchet wheel.

Omega 2201 service

With the barrel bridge removed we can see the barrel, even that has the circular decoration on it, its unusual to see this on barrels. After removing the barrel, Ill remove the train and train bridge.

Omega 2201 service

Movement nearly fully disassembled, just a couple parts of the keyless and shock settings remain. Once these last few parts are removed, the movement is ready for the cleaning machine.

Omega 2201 service

After cleaning I make a start on rebuilding and oiling the keyless works and motion works.

Omega 2201 service

Barrel bridge back in place and I can begin refitting the gear train.

Omega 2201 service

All train wheels are carefully fitted back in place.

Omega 2201 service

The train bridge, complete with Cotes de Geneve finish.

Omega 2201 service

Once the movement is complete, the dial and hands are fitted before its refitted in the case.

Omega Railmaster

Before being returned to the customer, the watch goes through its usual tests to ensure its functioning to Omega specifications.

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The Watch Professional

2 thoughts on “Watch Service: Omega Railmaster. Cal 2201.

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  1. I have read with interest you great work.
    I have got an early 1940’s omega bumper we inherited it from an elderly relative who has since past away.
    The watch has been to a watch shop in Chichester and he had the back off to confirm a couple of things, year if manufacture and type of watch, that’s how we know it’s an early 1940’s bumper.
    It’s missing it’s bumper springs and has not been services for some time, sadly we have no way to find out any other information about it as uncle Bill is no longer with us, so after reading your adventures in restoring watches it struck me that you may be able to advise me if what we could do in terms of a service or possibly a restoration, depending on cost.




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