Watch Service: Panerai Daylight. Cal OP XII.

Panerai Daylight service

The first Panerai of the blog, the Luminor Daylight. Like all Panerais its a sizeable watch and very unique in its appearance, especially with the trade mark crown protector. Interestingly Panerai were struggling for sales in the 90’s, and it wasn’t until Sylvester Stallone picked up on them, that they really started to experience a resurgence. Whats unusual is that it wasn’t paid sponsorship, he genuinely liked the watches.

Once the movement is removed from the case I can begin removing the hands, I have removed the subdial hands below, next is the seconds recorder hand. Using the platform placed over the dial and under the hand, I use this to lever on and remove the hand. I am so grateful to have these platforms, chronograph seconds recorder hands are fitted tightly so as not to slip when the chrono is reset, being able to use these platforms makes my life so much easier!

Panerai Daylight service

Dial and hands removed. The calibre is actually a 7753, like in the Tudor chronograph I featured on this blog a while back. It has just been renamed as their own, but it isnt really.

Panerai Daylight service

Date indicator maintaining plate removed, here you can see the wheels to the right of the movement that are used to move the minute recorder position from 12, like in a standard 7750, to the 3 position.

Panerai Daylight service

Working my way through the dial side of the movement.

Panerai Daylight service

I begin work on the other side, the rotor is the only part I have removed so far in the image below.

Panerai Daylight service

Auto work removed, you can also see dust and debris here that has been created from the parts operating without lubrication. This will all be removed in the watch cleaning machine.

Panerai Daylight service

I continue to work my way through the movement.

Panerai Daylight service

The gear train will be next to be removed.

Panerai Daylight service

Disassembled and ready for cleaning!

Panerai Daylight service

Rather than photos of the re building of the watch, I’ve created a time lapse video. Im still learning with these videos!

Just a final shot of the completed watch together with the refinished case and bracelet.

Panerai Daylight service

Thanks for reading,

The Watch Professional

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