Watch Service: Tudor Fastrider. Cal ETA 7753.

Tudor Fastrider service

This beautiful looking Tudor chronograph was sent in by Mike for a routine service, most brands recommend servicing a luxury watch at around 4 – 5 year intervals. As a watchmaker, I certainly recommend trying to stick to servicing within every 5 years or so. After this point oils start to dry up, wear occurs faster, and can result in more parts needing to be replaced than would otherwise be needed.

The calibre in this watch, ETA 7753, is based on the calibre ETA 7750, the main difference on this calibre being the minute recorder is moved to the 3 o’clock position, as opposed to 6, and the quick date change is made via an extra pusher rather than via the crown. Other than these differences, the movement to all intents and purposes is the same as the ETA 7750.

With the movement removed from the case, the first thing I do is remove the hands, to allow for removal of the dial.

Tudor Fastrider service

With the dial removed we get our first look at the date side of the movement. This is one of the areas this movement varies from the 7750, mainly to accommodate the different parts responsible for the quick date, and for the wheels involved in moving the minute recorder to the 3 o’clock position.

Tudor Fastrider service

With this maintaining plate removed, we can see the 2 wheels responsible for moving the minute recorder, bottom right of the movement. They engage with a wheel that is attached to a what would normally be the minute recorder. Its very simple really.

Tudor Fastrider service

With the next plate removed, the minute recorder wheel becomes visible, towards the top of the movement. Other than this, the movement is very recognisable as a 7750.

Tudor Fastrider service

Once the dial side is disassembled I flip over and make a start on the top side. There is no discernible difference here to the 7750 movement.

Tudor Fastrider service

Once fully disassembled the whole movement is run through the cleaning machine to ensure any dirt, grease and debris is removed.

Tudor Fastrider service

The movement is then rebuilt and oiled to the same exact standards as the brand would use themselves.

The watch is then fully tested to ensure functionality before being reunited with its owner.

Thanks for reading.

The Watch Professional

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