Watch Service: Omega Divers 300. Cal 1120.

Omega divers 300

Andy sent me 2 of his Omegas for service, this one and a vintage, which will feature in the next post on my blog. This one hadn’t been serviced since 2007, so was well overdue. The Omega 1120 as seen in this watch, is basically an ETA 2892-A2 with a few minor changes.

The Omega version contains 23 jewels as opposed to the 21 of the ETA, the latter is also not a certified chronometer, unlike the higher quality Omega.

Case back removed, revealing the movement. I can immediately see that the movement is in good condition with regards to screw heads and components not being damaged – It is dry of oil and a bit dirty, but thats easily sorted.

omega 1120 calibre

Movement placed into the movement holder in preparation to remove the hands.

omega 1120

Dial and hands removed.

omega 1120

Dial side disassembled as far as the keyless works.

omega 1120

Next up is the automatic device, completely disassembled as seen in the picture below.

omega 1120

The movement with the automatic device removed.

omega 1120

Barrel bridge removed, dirty grease is visible underneath where some of the wheels were sitting. Ill clean this by hand first before putting it through the cleaning machine.

omega 1120

One fully dismantled Omega 1120.

omega 1120

All the parts are loaded into the relevant baskets prior to cleaning.

omega 1120

With the movement out of the cleaner, my first job is oiling the incablocs. The is a critical part of the service and any issues here would likely give me timekeeping issues with the watch later on.

omega 1120

I install and lubricate the keyless works next.

Closely followed by the barrel bridge.

omega 1120

Next up I refit the gear train, train bridge and pallets. Once I refit the balance, the movement will run and is ready for the jewels and escapement to be oiled

omega 1120

Readied for refitting the hands. The movement holder has a post thats sits underneath the movement on the centre seconds jewel, this supports the jewel when I refit the seconds hand – without this the jewel could move as I apply downward pressure when fitting the hand, the watch would then need to be stripped back down so that the end shakes could be readjusted. The movement would then need to be re-cleaned, obviously this would be wasted time and I want to avoid it.

omega 1120

After time keeping tests, the watch is tested water resistant.

omega 1120

Finally, Andy opted for my case brighten option – a light refinishing to the case and bracelet that removes a limited amount of metal, but it makes a massive difference to the look of the watch by really only removing the surface scratches.

As with all watches, this one will go through 5 days of testing to ensure its ready to be returned to the owner.

Thanks for reading,

The Watch Professional

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