Watch Service: Omega Geneve. Cal 552

Omega Geneve Vintage

The second watch of the duo sent in by Andy is another Omega, this one a vintage with the Omega calibre 552 inside. Its a bullet proof movement and certainly built a little differently to the more modern calibres, this one happens to be in very nice condition, just in need of a service.

The Omega 552 movement, the rotor is engraved ‘Omega Watch Co Swiss’

Omega 552

Movement removed from the case prior to hand removal.

omega 552

Dial and hands removed, the 552 being a simple no date automatic, there isn’t an awful lot to disassemble here, just the keyless and motion works.

omega 552

The automatic device is stripped down first and checked for wear. The watch feels very gritty to wind, and I suspect that is being caused by the reversing wheel. There is no sign of damage to it, cleaning and oiling should resolve this.

omega cal 552

The movement with the automatic device removed.

omega cal 552

The train bridge and train has been removed, I have also removed the crown wheel and ratchet wheel from the barrel bridge. I check each part carefully for any signs of wear or damage that could affect the running of the watch.

omega cal 552

The barrel, its quite dirty and will greatly benefit from its time in the cleaning machine!

omega cal 552

Bottom side completely dismantled, I leave the balance in place on the movement as its the safest way of cleaning it.

omega cal 552

I finish removing the keyless works on the dial side.

omega cal 552

All the parts are loaded into their trays ready for cleaning. The cleaning machine will remove all the old oils, dirt and any debris thats worked its way into the movement over time.

omega cal 552

Once the cleaning cycle has finished, the first parts I refit are the shock settings for the balance and the keyless works.

omega cal 552

Next I refit the barrel and barrel bridge.

omega cal 552

Pallets and pallet bridge fitted.

omega cal 552

The movement part of the watch is rebuilt and running again. At this point I will oil the jewels in the movement and the escapement.

omega cal 552

Automatic device rebuilt and oiled. I then refit it to the movement and check the winding, no more grittiness!

omega cal 552

I refit the movement into the case and test it on the timing machine, all looks good.

omega cal 552

As always the watch will then be tested over a period of 5 days to ensure it is functioning as it should before being returned to its owner.

Thanks for reading,

The Watch Professional

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